Lay Readers

Written by admin on Oct 20, 2012


September Lay Readers:

3rd – Onda Simmons

10th- David Halm

17th – Kyle Walek

24nd – John Holenski

October Lay Readers:

1st – Joan Bauer

8th- Kathie Macro

15th – David Halm

22nd – David Pape

29th – Kyle Walek

November Lay Readers:

5th – Peter Steffan

12th- Joan Bauer

19th – Pam Budny

26th – Cheryl Steffan

December Lay Readers:

3rd – Kyle Walek

10th- Onda Simmons

17th – David Pape

24nd (morning) – Pam Budny
24th (evening) – Kathie Macro

31st – John Holenski

I’ll always send you an email reminder before the Sunday you will be reading, and leave an enlarged copy on the lectern for you.

If you need to switch Sundays or have someone fill in, give me a call at church (836-1361) and I will find someone to take your Sunday.



Lay Reader Phone list (Password protected file)
Revised Common Lectionary (We are currently using this Lectionary.)

Narrative Lectionary
Biblical Pronunciation Guide Make sure your speakers are turned on to hear the pronunciation.