The Parkside Lutheran Church Memorial Chapel was opened in 1983. The design of the chapel and columbarium was executed by Armento Liturgical Arts. The original configuration of sixty four niches was enlarged in 1989 to one hundred forty four niches, with provisions for further enlargement to five hundred niches. The stained glass windows in the chapel were created by Karen Olstad Creaser.

Niches can be reserved by pre-arrangement or at the time of need.
Information and rules are available in this document: Columbarium Rules
Niche reservation form: Niche Reservation Form

There is also a memorial plaque in the chapel to memorialize loved ones who are not entombed in the columbarium. Plaque Engraving Form

Vince Harzewski manages the columbarium and will meet at a convenient date and time to discuss arrangements.

Vince can be reached via email at or by phone at (716) 834-4885.



What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is a building or part of a building that holds the cremains of loved ones. The cremains are most commonly held in urns that are stored in individual compartments called niches. The word columbarium comes from the Latin word "columba" which means dove. This is due to a similarity to the compartmenalized housing that doves and pigeons were housed in. Parkside's columbarium in the Memorial Chapel, is located just off of our Sanctuary, to the right of the Pulipt.