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Now through the end of September we will be worshiping outside on our back lawn. Everyone is required to wear a mask the entire time. If you are able please bring a chair or a blanket to sit on. If needed there are extra chairs in the shed. Worship is shortened. It will run about 30 to 35 minutes. There are bulletins available if you would like one.

We will also have communion in the service. Everyone is invited to take the elements (Wafers and Wine/Grape Juice) before the service begins from the Altar and to their seats. The wafers are in individual zip lock bags, and the wine is in sealed cups. We also request that you please sign in on our contact sheet. By signing in you are affirming that you have not recently traveled out of state, do not currently have a temperature, and have not recently been around anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19.

On Sundays it rains we will not worship in person. Folks are invited to tune into worship on MeTV or via Facebook or YouTube. Right now the plan is to resume indoor worship starting in October if the Virus continues to remain at low local levels. Curious about what this looks like? Check out this brief video from a few weeks ago…

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please reach out to the church office at