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Parkside Lutheran Church COVID-19 Procedures For Return To Indoor Worship   From the start, the Parkside Lutheran Church Worship Committee and Church Council want to make sure that no one feels pressured or shamed into attending in person worship. If you have health concerns, are elderly, or just don’t feel safe, we encourage you to stay home and take advantage of our worship broadcast available online and on MeTV.  (please see the MINISTRIES tab for more information about broadcast worship by "WNY Church Unleashed")

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.  Proverbs 11:14  

Before you arrive for worship:   -If you have a temperature, feel unwell, have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or have recently traveled, we ask that you stay home.   -Know that masks will be required at all times inside the building. Anyone who removes their mask or lowers it below their nose will immediately be asked to return their mask to their face. Anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave.   -Worship will be shortened and last between 30 to 40 minutes. The restrooms will be available but we encourage you to use the bathroom before you arrive. At all times we ask folks to maintain six feet physical distance.   -Congregating in the narthex (Lobby) will not be permitted. If you wish to speak to someone we ask that you meet with them outside of the building.  

What to expect when you arrive for worship:   -The main doors will be marked enter and exit. When you enter there will be a sign in table. A volunteer will check you in. Per New York State contact tracing protocol we need names and phone numbers for all who attend. At the sign in table you will find; hand sanitizer, offering basket, worship bulletins, wafers and wine for communion. (Gluten free and grape juice will also be available.)   -Once you enter the sanctuary you will notice that the aisles will be marked as one way. Everyone should enter via the main aisle and then exit by the side aisles. All of the pews will be marked with sections roped off so that everyone is seated physically distanced.  

-At the conclusion of the service we will dismiss by aisle so as to avoid congestion in the narthex/lobby of the church.  

-If you need to speak with Pastor Jeremiah he will stand outside after the service on days with good weather. On Sundays with poor weather he will stand in front of the sanctuary.  

Does this seems strict or over the top? Great. We want to keep everyone safe and if that means we are mildly inconvenienced for the next year, until a vaccine is widely distributed, then that is what we owe to our neighbors.   Have ideas or see something we might have missed? Please contact me directly at or by calling the church office.