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Parkside Lutheran Church COVID-19 Procedures For Return To Indoor Worship  At this time, masks are optional. From the start, the Parkside Lutheran Church Worship Committee and Church Council want to make sure that no one feels pressured or shamed into attending in person worship. If you have health concerns, are elderly, or just don’t feel safe, we encourage you to stay home and take advantage of our Parkside's livestream Service on Facebook, or check out the WNY Church Unleashed broadcast available online and on MeTV.  (please see the MINISTRIES tab for more information about broadcast worship by "WNY Church Unleashed") 

We welcome children in worship. We have several families who bring young children each week.

All who worship at Parkside LC are welcome to receive communion - everyone, really! If you don't wish to receive communion, but would like a blessing, you may approach Pastor with your hands over your heart. 

For more information about what to expect during Sunday Service, click on the "Worship" tab on the home screen.

We hope to see you soon!